How To Use

Our designer hoses are just like any regular hose, but we would like to offer some extra tips to ensure optimal usage:

1. Unravel the hose and lay it completely flat, removing any twists or bends that occurred during manufacturing. It's important to eliminate pulls or resistance in the hose for smooth operation. 

2. Attach your desired fittings (not included) to the hose and run water through it until the water runs clear. This will help remove any residue or debris from the manufacturing process.

3. When rolling the hose back up, be careful to avoid twisting and bending. This will help maintain the integrity of the hose and make storage easier.

4. The extra thick hose wall gives a kink rating of 10 which means no more annoying kinks, plus, easier to roll up. 

5. Before mounting your hanger, we recommend using a rust guard product to protect the metal from the elements. You can find a product we like to use by <clicking here>

To mount your hanger, we suggest using two wall plugs and white screws (not included). If you're renting or prefer not to mount it on a wall, you can use the middle section to hang the hose over a tap or hook instead.

We hope these tips help you make the most of your designer hose. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.